Friday, March 8, 2013

Popapocolypse Preview and ECCC commisions

ECCC got me all revved up to make some more comics: and my current one, Popapocolypse, is what I'm currently working on.  What we gots here is the first few pages of the comic, set to premier in the next edition of Figments, and then on the Popapocolypse website debuting this summer.  Popapocolypse is my ultimate creation, with elements from all my previous comics, and it's a love letter to my childhood, my country and it's culture, and our comic books.  I'll be reveling the story slowly to you as it's happening, because I don't want to give too much away, but It's something that I'm really proud of, and taking my time with (while I also work and go to school, and do my internship).  I aim for a page a week until summer, when I can ramp up the production a little bit.  Here's the first few pages in the stages of production that they're in currently.

What we have here is the floating continent of Australia, the only surviving government after WW3, or the Creation War as some like to call it.  Australia survived by raising part of it's continent above the clouds, where they've established a "big brother" type society.  It's been a hundred years.  The group you see here are rebels, raging against the machine, and led by the enigmatic leader known as No. 9.  Currently things look kind of bad, as they're about to walk the plank.
The judges, wearing gas masks to protect their fragile wussy lungs from the harsh open air have judged the rebels as being guilty, and exiled them from the floating country by forcing them to walk the plank.

A better look at the floating country of Australia
No. 9 and his rebels fall towards what's left of the earth, a hundred years after the creation bomb exploded, causing the popapocolypse (I can't wait to show you what that means, and what this world looks like) but first they must pass through the acid clouds that cover this dangerous world.  The next page is the revel of some of the world. 

Alright, I'm gonna go back to work on this, because I'm just too damn excited about it.

Oh, also, here's some commissions I did at the ECCC 

I'm not going to post the Gambit/Rouge one, because I hate it.

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  1. That Hatter commission is sick! Glad you could do the first piece of real AiG art ^ ^