Monday, February 4, 2013

Popapocolypse concepts

Guess what, I got my scanner working again, so it's sketchbook time!
Here's some concept sketches for my upcoming web comic "Popapocolypse." I'm not going to give away the whole story, but it's set in a post apocalyptic "Mad Max" style earth, where characters based on today's pop icons rule over battling tribes.

Here's one of the main protagonists, name "The Captain."

This next character is the main antagonist of the first story arc. He's managed to steal his way to the top by utilizing his burglary skills.  He's an evil, barbaric warlord that cares only to satisfy his own greed.  His name is "The Burgler."

This next guy is still a work in progress. He's the Burgler's right hand man, and kill-happy assassin known as the McMurder Clown.  The name is still being messed with, but I'm sure I'll come up with something that will work.

Next week I'll post that Spider-Man cover that I've been ranting and raving about, and my first couple of penciled pages for Popapocolypse.  I hope to have the sketchbook ready for ECCC.
Oh yeah. Good news for Matt today, I just got my internship approved to work on the comic "Non-Player" with Nate Simpson. I'm stoked.