Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Job, popapocalypse and comic con

Sorry, y'all but I don't have all that much to show today, but I have a little something something.  I've been busy working at my new gig at MADEFIRE! The first comic book studio job I've ever been paid to do, and I couldn't be more proud. If you're not familiar with their stuff, google them, and you'll see the best motion comic work you've ever seen.  Right now I'm working with them as a builder, animating their comics and using their exclusive tool to build some amazing stuff.

So, enough about that. I don't want to make this too long, because my next weeks post is going to be gigantic, since it'll going to be my comic con post.

This character sketch is for popapocalypse:  The main hero of my story (known right now only by his serial number "9") has a healing factor, like deadpool or wolverine- a homage to the best superheroes I grew up with.  However, the catch is that since he's always so close to dying, but never does, he's attracted the sarcastic, angry scorn of the grim reaper, who personally shows up to antagonize him every time he's knocking on death's door.  So, basically, here 9 is getting beaten to death, cut up, shot, poisoned, you name it, and all of a sudden the grim reaper will appear to give him a purple nurple, or to make "your mama" jokes, or even to tell him how much of a disappointment he is.  I thought it would be a fun relationship to have in the mix, and I look forward to introducing him into the story.
ANYWAY, here's the concept design.

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