Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stuff I'm working on, and some great fan art for my Popapocalypse story

Alright, check it out BOYIEEEEE, I gots a bunch of stuff to show this week.  First off, since I'm busy at work on page 6 of Popapocalypse- the page where the Cornel (based on Cornel Sanders) is introduced- here's some fan art from one of my best friends, and one very talented artists Hà Huy Hoàng.  It's four of the main characters from the book- The Thief, The Clown, The Cornel, and the Captain. Can you guess who they're all based on?

The next few illustrations is a set of homework assignments that I did for the very awesome Fantasy and Sci-Fi illustration class with Stephen Player.  All these are based on paragraph long descriptions given to us by a fake "client." One is a giant flying fish ship that can cause storms, and the other is a giant toad that eats metal.

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