Friday, April 5, 2013

Wondercon commisions!

So, the week after wondercon is crazy busy, but I was able to put together a post for all you peoples (meaning my mom, a couple of 13 year olds, and one very lonely individual living in Arkansas). I'll start this post off by saying that Wondercon in Anahiem is freaking AMAZIIIIINGGG!! I mean, this place was huge, and right outside of DISNEYLAND (where I spent many hours staring longingly through the gates. Until security kicked me out.)  So, because of all the major amounts of work I have to do, I'm gonna shut up now and show you the commissions that I did while I was at the P5 table.

Jafar, the best villain from Disney EVER!

some other Disney villain

I drew an evil brain gorilla in this sketchbook right near a Bachelo Sketch!
I drew the Pimp Barbarian for someone, and he let me keep the character idea!
Ash Fairless with the Malcolm Reynolds drawing I did
This guy with the Apocalypse and Batman
This one comes with a story! Yayyyyy! So, this guy had me draw him as the Clockwork Orange guy two years ago, and since then has started a whole collection of drawings of him as a character. So, this time around he had me draw him as Swampthing, and the talented Carla Wyzgala watercolored over it!


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  1. Hey im the guy holding Batman and Apocalypse .. great time Sunday .. totally scored two for 5 dollars.. thanks again was cool chatting with u ..