Sunday, September 30, 2012

Character Creation, Bleeding Cool News, and the Wolverine

Alright, so, in my attempt to get better at inking and drawing, I did what every self-respecting wanna-be comic artist does whenever he/she wants to get inspired: Draw Wolverine.

And this second drawing is for another AAU comic book club contest we held this last week: Character Creation.  We're each given two random powers that we had to combine to create a character.  I got 1)trans-dimensional storage and, 2)Extraordinary balance.
Here's my character:  An orphaned space circus trapese wire walker turned deadly space super pirate, Chux travels the galaxy with his transdimensional backpack in search of excess kirby crackle left over from the gods and cosmic beings that travel there.  He stores the crackle in his backpack in endless supplies, and uses it to smash evil space aliens into green goo globs as he searches for his long lost space pirate parents and the treasure they posses.

Lastly, I had another article featured on Bleeding Cool about Madefire studios in Berkeley. You can read it at

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